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Small Business Tax & Payroll Accounting Services in Miami

Valezar and Associates is a South Florida accounting firm specializing in payroll services for businesses of all sizes. We cater to a wide audience, though, ranging from small businesses to large-scale enterprises. Our built-to-suit payroll solutions allow business managers and owners to focus on running their business instead of trying to interpret the constantly changing payroll laws. Our Payroll Service goes beyond simple compliance; we offer industry-specific packages for highly regulated industries like legal and professional service, medical and dental practices, real estate and property management firms and more.

Accounting and Payroll Services companies are known for “nickel and dime” billing practices making small business owners feel like this is a service they can’t afford. At Valezar and Associates, we offer a wide range of all-inclusive packages designed to address your business specific needs, regardless of its size. Even though we welcome enterprise large payroll account, our highly customizable payroll services were created with the small to medium size business in mind.

Miami Payroll Services

If you think that your small business cannot afford a personalized payroll solution that is custom built to meet your business’ requirements! We would like to prove you wrong!!!

Personalized Service

One size does not fit all! For this reason at Valezar and Associates, we offer a personalized payroll service that is customized to your business needs regardless of its size or industry.

Flat-Fee Structured Service

There is no need to worry about what your next invoice is going to be! We don’t believe in nickel and diming our client. With our flat-fee pricing, you always know what your invoice will be!